Autumn decor trends of 2023 can be explained in two words… natural and bold.

Not just leaves are changing this fall season but so are our homes, allowing for new environments and experiences to come forward as we move into a slower way of living. With summer ending and its decor trends following behind, autumn brings in a similar feel with earth tones (e.g., forest greens, ochre, rust, and amber) being at the center of design this season. A modern bohemian take on bold prints, bright earth tones, and patterned textiles is sure to bring the comfort you need during this cooler weather.

Some of our favourite fall decor trends include incorporating layered textures and lighting, vintage and distressed furniture, as well as having those key statement pieces finishing off each room. Some other important decor trends going around the design world this fall is abstract art, faux florals, heavy weight drapery, and amber or silky velvet ascents! But don’t forget with all these new trends, try to avoid themes in your home and opt for a more natural transition throughout your spaces.

Check in again in a few months for ways to shift out of autumn and into winter!